Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some *Me* Sewing

With winter almost upon us, it was time for a winter themed backpack, right? I tried a *new to me* applique technique demonstrated at the Groove Girls club last Monday. A Terry Atkinson take on applique where you layer the applique fabric right side up, the background fabric right side up (the applique fabric is on top of the background fabric)then the applique shape wrong side to wrong side of background fabric. I pinned it all together. really good. You then zig zag around your shape, cut away the extra applique fabric and ta-da, a raggey applique. I left the snowflake raggey, but I could have zig zagged over it for a more finished look. I am now out of the black cording~figures, right?~so I am testing the white cording to *see* how that works. I also made a matching lanyard for my keys since the fabric was out and Baby was threaded with matching thread. :)

I also wanted to try out a new pattern by Terry Atkinson~Stand and Stow. I made mine Christmas-y so when I carry my *stuff* to guild (and wherever) I will be in the holiday spirit. :) This is the medium size tote.
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Mama Spark said...

I like how your projects turned out. Did you like the new applique technique? It looks interesting.

Stephanie D said...

That sounds easier than tracing over a lightbox or window--is it?