Saturday, September 12, 2015

Road Trip Friday

The Quilt Expo 2015 with Nancy Zieman was this weekend!

I decided to make the one hour drive to Madison and check it out. I attended one lecture about *Garbage Can Quilts*.  I was hoping to get more ideas to use up scraps but the lecturer follows Bonnie Hunter's Scrap System and showed a few of her Bonnie quilts.

I'm afraid I didn't support the vendors very well with this trip. I only came away with a bottle of oil for the long arm, some clover wonder clips and the Quilt Expo 2015 t*shirt. I was looking for the Walk-About pattern but I guess, I will need to order it online.

The quilts in the show were beautiful, as always. They are way above my skill level but I do admire the beauty with every stitch.



CapitolaQuilter said...

Sometimes I find expos both inspiring and deflating with all of the talent. Glad you enjoyed your trip and I would've totally brought home a Tee too.

Tired Teacher said...

I went to a small quilt show on Friday and even though I admired fabric and patterns in the vender area, I came home with nothing but photos of a few quilts.

Judy S. said...

What a great reason to go to Madison! You showed admirable restraint in your purchases!