Friday, August 5, 2016

Whoop! Whoop! 8.5.2016

I finished the binding on this Star Lasagna quilt.

This was an experiment in totally floating the did not work for me as the top bowed quite a bit. I ended up trimming off the last lasagna row to even things up.

Pattern credit: Bonnie Hunter's Simply Strippy with a row of stars.

I backed this quilt with a pieced of fabric that I had dyed last summer.

This will be a donation quilt but not really sure where to send it.

It measures about 45 x 60 -- so a toddler size quilt.

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Karen said...

Very pretty. I like the row of star blocks on both sides of the quilt.

Sarah Craig said...

That's such a pretty, fun quilt, Pat! I've found when floating the top that if I pull the top towards me as I move across the quilt, it helps keep it straight at the end - and then for the last pass, I pin it to the backing to hold it straight and keep from sewing through my fingers! Whoop whoop for a fabulous starry finish!