Thursday, May 23, 2019

MidWeek Makers 5.22.2019

I sewed more on CatDog 3 as this is the third and hopefully, final quilt with cats and dogs. I do have a few 6.5 inch squares leftover that will show up from time to time in my ISPY quilts.

I told myself I wasn't going to buy more fabric for this quilt yet, I was at that box store and FQ's were 97 cents! Two made their way home with me.

I also realized that I need more length soooo, I made some paw prints following this tutorial.

Guess what? Still needed more length so off to the store again. eh gads! I was good and only brought 12 inches of 4 cat/dog fabrics. You guessed it, the saleslady thought I was crazy. Guess she doesn't cut third of a yard very

Guess what? Still need more length. eh gads! I'm so over CatDog 3. Found something sorta suitable in my stash, deep in the stash but only one!

CatDog 3 was suppose to be Easy, Sleezy and Fast.

Well, it is..., well- It Is What It Is....

In all it's glory, I present CatDog 3 as a flimsy!

pattern info:

*3.5 inch cut strip, lasagna style

*paw prints pattern found here

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Susan said...

Geez, what a story! I love your pieced paws!