Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Few Small Finishes and September 1st View

I have a few small finishes to report.

First, DD asked for a couple of name tags made from the fabric she found at Fabric Depot. One will be for her backpack and the other will be for her flute case. She is in fifth grade this year and is eligible for band.

Second, DS asked for a change purse for in his backpack. He will keep assorted coins so that whenever he wants a drink from the vending machine at school, the change will be ready and available. I choose the casino coins simply because I had black thread in Baby and it *sorta* went with the print. :)

September 1st view out of the kitchen slider door. We have had a few cool nights (in the lower 40's) and the plants are starting to wane. That and I do believe, that DS *forgot* to water when we were away last month. :)

School started today for DD and last Wednesday for DS (He is attending a local college this year). I was trying to decide, when is the official end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. When the kids are back in school? or after Labor Day? September 21st? with the Fall equinox? In any event, I will need to review my Summer *to do* list and start on my Fall *to do* list. :) I seem to focus better when I have a list to work from as I like to cross *finishes* off the list!
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Linda_J said...

I know a lot of folks tend to think of Labor Day weekend being the last gasp of summer even if it isn't by the calendar. School is back in session and the weather is beginning to cool.

I guess when you notice the leaves are beginning to turn might be a clue? Maybe that happens sooner up your way than mine.

Stephanie D. said...

Officially it's somewhere around Sept. 21, though I see some leaves starting to turn.

I say, whatever day you want it to be!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love it when my son asks me to sew some little item for him. The name tag fabric is so perfect for the flute case! My son starts 1st grade on Tuesday - the kids here don't start until after the holiday. Cheers! Evelyn