Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finished Just in Time

The Quilt Club at Ben Franklin issued a summer challenge. Our challenge was to find an antique apron, whether from our mother, grandmother or aunt, and to make a new apron. Everyone that joined in the challenge would be eligible for a gift certificate to the Ben Franklin. The aprons would then be used as a display in September in the store.

My mother no longer has any of her aprons. She gave up baking a few years back. My mother-in-law only had one apron at the cottage, so I didn't want to take hers. :)

I found this rather funky one at the local antique mall. I was liking the glove material and the dish towel sewn into the waistband. I'm not sure if it is an antique, but I really *grooving to* it! :)

For the current apron I used the Four Corners Apron by Vanilla House Designs.

Here is the apron I made using red and green chili print. I used black yo-yo's as the embellishments as I didn't have any black buttons in my stash. I figure that I can use this apron as a Christmas gift! One gift completed, not sure ?! how many more Christmas gifts to make! :)
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Linda_J said...

Hey, I like both of these! That dish towel is a pretty unique addition. I really should consider making me something that "goes" with the kitchen. After all, I am a quilter, right so I could make something.

Currently I am using a red chef style apron. Not very imaginative.

Judy S. said...

Don't you just love that Four Corners pattern? There's a kid version also.......

Stephanie D. said...

I like the funky one, too, but think yours is much prettier!

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