Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday at the Quilt Expo Madison Wisconsin

On Friday, I met up with Amy from Inifinty Quilter at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison. Since she had seen most of the vendors by the time I got there, we decided to go through the Quilt Show gallery together first. The quilts were just exquisite! Very small and fine piecing and the quilting! oh my! My hands and eyes just ached thinking about all that micro stippling and pebble work!

Here is the Best In Show. Amy and I were lucky enough to be viewing the quilt with the artist, Mildred Sorrellis. That's her in the pink pants! She had a little gathering of quilters by her, so we had to wait for a clearing to take the picture. :)

One special exhibit was 'Through the Portal' Challenge and being the geek-y science person I am, I thought this quilt by Deb Kinder was cool. So did the judges as it took First Place! On the workbench, Deb even included 'microscope slides'. Very cool!

Here is a quilt that I would be able to make...a Log Cabin by Tom Kobza. I could visualize it in cremes/reds and blues.

Of course, I did do some damage for the stash report. I couldn't resist the idea of the 5 yard quilt from Bolines. They had a whole table full of 5 yard packs to choose from. I was looking for stars and strips but, alas they were all sold out. I did find a Valentine theme pack. Suppose it will be finished for Valentine's Day 2010 or 2011?! You also received 4 different quilt patterns that use 5 yards of fabric. I also brought a packet of note cards from the Go Red For Heart Campaign.

I arrived home with a few hours until dinner, so I sewed the outer border onto this QOV. The stars were inspired from the Signature Stars quilt. DS thought the red and blue stars were cool and I should include them in the design!
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Alycia said...

Oh I agree! The Red and blue stars are cool!

Linda_J said...

Pat, what fun for you at the Quilt Expo. I am amazed by both the best of show and the microscope quilt---wow!

Your newest QOV turned out well too.

I know Becky Boline! She was a member of the quilt guild in central IL and she is based out of Towanda, which one of these days will be a suburb of Normal if the city gets any bigger. I cut thru there all the time on the way from my folks back to B-N.

Silverthimble said...

I love that log cabin quilt--it is a very interesting setting of the log cabin block. That is a quilt that I think I could make. I love the idea of making a quilt from 5 one yard cuts of fabric! I have that valentine print that you bought, only mine is in black. It reminds me of the valentines we used to exchange at school when we were kids.

Stephanie D. said...

What a fun day! That's a really amazing microscope quilt--what creativity!