Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gifts in the Mail

Look at the wonderful package of *Thank You* gifts that arrived today from my friend Maureen! Maureen and her DH were passing through Wisconsin and spent a couple days in the beginning of August with us. One day, Maureen and I sewed and the other day, we all went on the Miller Brewery Tour in Milwaukee.

I had participated in this Seasons Row by Row by Sandy Brawner in my Bee right before I moved away from DFW...going on three years now! Maureen was a sweetie and made an Apple row for me (complete with seeds from Paula!). Thanks Maureen. This will be the little push I need to complete this UFO...well, after the Fall 2009 quilts are complete.

Maureen also makes cards and the one she sent is awesome. I have been checking it out as DD and I are card making Hop on over to Maureen's craft blog to explore all the wonderful art she makes!

Thanks Maureen for everything and thanks to her DH for *swinging through our town* for a visit! :)
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Linda_J said...

That apple row is wonderful! Maureen is most generous I would say.

How clever that the designer included the apple core block!

Greenmare said...

I love love love those apples!!! I want to do an apple quilt too, and those are excellent!!!