Monday, May 23, 2011

A Secret Gift Received

A little over a month ago, our FAB friend Cher's granddaughter under went surgery for a brain tumor. I was trying to remember and I think her DGD is about 5 years old now. All the FAB's wanted to help in some way. Cher requested that we send her some scraps of yellow as yellow is her DGD's favorite color and Cher had promised to make her a yellow quilt~some day. So the FAB's dug into their yellow stash to send some its and bits of yellow to Cher...and to make some secret yellow blocks!

Operation: Yellow for DGD was hatched, er, born.

I asked the girls (LindaJ, Norma, Pam and Elsie~LindaJ's Mom) to send 6.5 inch unfinished yellow blocks to me. I then assembled the top~with many emails back and forth about the design~ quilted, bound and labeled it. I then mailed it off to Cher as we all waited anxiously for the package to arrive at Cher's then taken to Miss Alice. The package arrived last week and Cher was able to give it to Miss Alice yesterday! A Quilty hug from her Nonna's friends! :)

Operation: Yellow for Alice. Thanks to all the girls for making this happen! :)

Curly Hearts panto on the front

Dinosaurs on the back as Alice *hearts* dinosaurs.


Stephanie D. said...

What a sweet thing to do! And I love the top border!

Linda_J said...

I didn't realize that you had posted this, Pat! Thank you for heading this up so we could give DGD some hugs as she recovers from her surgery.

It turned out wonderfully! The backing was a perfect choice and the blue sets the fun yellow blocks so well. We did good!