Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Remember when *coiled baskets* were the rage a few years ago?

I have this one sitting on the counter~holding some miscellany stuff.

DD thought one for her would be nice and could I make it in purple?

I went into the closet, searched the blog and last week, before we left for Michigan, I finished this.

I also decided to make a flat one. I made it 8 inches across and tonight I will give it a test drive to *see* how it holds the heat.

I also have the beginnings of two more. Check out this purple butterfly batik I had stashed with this UFO! good thing it was hidden or I would have used it for my FAB pal, Cher and her birthday gift!

pattern credit: It's a Wrap by Susan Breier

Mom update: Thanks for all the warm wishes. Mom is about as I expected. My sister left as she needed to return to her home and be *at her job* but plans to head back to Mom's in about a weeks time. In the interim, my oldest brother and his wife are staying with Mom. Brother#1 and SIL#1 are both between jobs and feel very blessed with this opportunity to look after Mom at this stage in her life.


NeverBored said...

I purchased Susan's book when it first came out and was quickly addicted to making bowls, hot pads, coasters, baskets, etc. I've got her second book and I'm still addicted. I just demonstrated the technique at our quilt show and as I finished the bowl, one of the viewers said, "now is that bowl for sale?" Making coiled projects is so much fun!

Continued prayers for your mom and all of your family. I know how hard this is, because I've been through it.

Linda_J said...

That fabric is beautiful. Too bad you can't see the butterflies on the bowl and trivet though! DD pleased with the shade and the shape of the bowl?

I know it was hard for you and your sister to leave your mom when she is not doing well but it is good that your siblings can help her through this. My prayers continue for her, you and your family. It has to be hard on all of you.