Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Couple of NICU Quilts

I finished the two NICU quilts just in time to be donated tonight!

The first one, orginally blogged about here, used the *ugly* fabric of the green.  Right?!  I didn't think it was ugly at all.  I did change the border out~trying for more of a contrast. The pattern is Staggered Bricks from my friend, LindaJ's blog.

The curly heart panto.

The next one...ummm...I was going to rip out the inner border and put *something with more contrast* but DS said that he liked it the way it is.  He liked that the border flowed into the quit center. :) 
My goal in this quilt was to use the balloon fabric~given to me at guild~ and try the ribbon border.  Tutorial found here.  I originally blogged about it way back in June, here.

One more time, practicing the curly heart panto.  :)


JoAnne said...

I love the ribbon border! Both quilts are awesome! Good job Pat...

Linda_J said...

Just in time then---woohoo! Hurray for finishes esp. since you just about sewed your fingers off on the halloween placemats and runners.