Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Finish is a Finish!

I sewed the binding back last night during the Brewers' game and added the tabs this morning.  I suppose it should be a Milwaukee Brewers' flag as they have advanced to the next round of the playoffs~yea, Brew Crew!  The Crew will be playing against LindaJ's favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals. But, I didn't have a Brewers t*shirt that I wanted to turn into a flag~maybe next season!  :)

This Packer t*shirt is a reject from this quilt here...with the rejected t*shirt and the final quilt.

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Linda_J said...

Yep, a finish is a finish no matter how big or small. Just in time to celebrate the football season. You gotta know I am a Bears Fan, being from IL. Not a Cubs fan but a STL when it comes to baseball though.

Whoever wins this next series, I hope will represent the National League well. Does that sound diplomatic enough, LOL?