Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Snowstorm and a Finish

We have a lull in the snowstorm. About 6 inches from last night and today, later tonight another snow storm is heading Bell Creek's way. This second storm has the potential of up to 24 inches here, depending on the track. wowza!

Out the kitchen slider door. When I took this pix, the snow started blowing into the house. wowza!

My finish is the Green Bay packer quilt, well~it still needs a label. lol

The Packer backing, along with a few leftover blocks to make the backing bigger. :)

pattern source: Lyn Brown California Roll!
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Anonymous said...

hurray for the finish! stay warm during the storm!


Linda_J said...

Hurray for the finish! I bet you are close to having the mock TAW top done by now?

Mom said that the white stuff seemed to be the more powdery kind so with the high winds you were expecting, no doubt it will drift even more and cause those white out conditions. Sure hope your power stays on and that they over-estimated the possibilities that the next storm system brings you.

Keep in touch if you can.