Friday, February 25, 2011

A Finish and A Beginning

I finished the binding on the blue/orange Fish quilt. The blocks are my version of Chaos Crumb blocks, one tutorial found here. I strip piece my smaller blocks and trim to 6.5 inches. I then join 4 ~ 6.5 inch blocks together to make 12.5 inch blocks unfinished. My sashing and cornerstones are 2.5 inch cut. The fish outer border was found in the stash and was all I had left. Usually, I simply measure the length and divide by the number of strips I need to determine the width (when the print is non-directional). The fish took a little more thought and planning in order to get *everyone* swimming the right way!

The bubbles on the back. Ebb and Flow panto by Willow Leaf Studio.

The beginning of a t*shirt quilt for my niece...the one I have been putting off. I rough cut a few of the t*shirts and applied the Pellon 911 Lightweight fusible but I ran out of fusible. A trip to JAF for more fusible is in order this morning.

Let's hope I come away with just the fusible and maybe, just a little bit of fabric. lol.
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Linda C said...

Looking good! I love that comment about getting the fish to all swim the same direction. It probably made for some extra seaming on the border? The backing is an inspired choice for this quilt too.

Pam said...

Quilt is wonderful! love the crummy blocks!!

I should dig out the t-shirts I have for Rexs' graduation quilt ~ we could be doing these at the same time and it would get a MUST DO off my list faster than if I leave it all sitting in its current spot...all bagged up and tossed in a corner!