Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I finished my Dots and Dash quilt top to a flimsy today.

Quilt pattern inspiration found here.

Thanks to LindaJ for naming this quilt in her comment on the previous post!

Here is a wild print I found in the cupboard~I only had 29 inches left so iiwii. I sincerely hope that my tastes in fabric have improved over the years! One purple I used has been in my stash almost 10 years~as long as I have been quilting because I recognized it from like the 4th or 5th quilt I made. LOL Time to get it out and use it up! Unfortunately, the backing is not quite enough for this top so I'm thinking I will be making a trip to the store for some backing. maybe. I'll think on it a spell. :)
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Tamera said...


Linda C said...

I like that border fabric---and it sorta reminds me of something I had way back when, LOL. You don't suppose that we both had some of it in a different colorway?!

The quilt turned out pretty cool. Hope that batting roll comes in soon. You do really well to almost turn right around and quilt it within days of finishing the flimsy. No flimsy UFOs for you that I can see!