Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dessert, anyone?

Last Thursday was my night guild and I had signed up to bring a dessert. Since it was February, I thought I would take something that had red in it. This is Carol's Strawberry Trifle. only one small clitch...I could only find one of the three ingredients! I just winged it and used a dry pudding mix, coolwhip and a combination of fresh and canned strawberries. Surprise of all tasted okay! My cooking skills rate pretty low as my kids refer to my dinners as 'prison food' so I was happy that it turned out...the program was 'GO RED...Women and Heart Disease' dessert wasn't exactly 'heart friendly'...guess I should have paid more attention to the topic of the guild program...lesson learned :)

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CONNIE W said...

Oh my, it looks divine. I love trifle too. Haven't had one in too long. I may have to be a copy-cat!