Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I was able to finish NICU #4 to a flimsy yesterday after I got more SpongeBob fabric. I was two 5" squares short after I miscut a piece! I hate when I do that :(
I have been wanting to try this disappearing 9 patch technique. I started with 5" squares in my 9 patch and the block ended up 13" finished. One tricky part was remembering to sew opposite corners motifs upside down so when you twist the parts SpongeBob and Patrick were upside up. I think this would be a fast quilt to go together if I picked a non-directional focus fabric.

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Sue R said...

Thanks for sharing the link for the disappearing nine patch. I have two books on this subject written by Nancy Brenan Daniel, but I don't remember seeing this pattern, and I really like it. I have some blocks already sewn and cut into the smaller blocks (another ufo), so maybe I'll dig them out and experiment!