Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simply Strippy---Going Vertical!

Many THANKS to Bonnie and Anne B. from England (here---just scroll down a bit) for sharing this pattern.

When my SIL asked for quilts (last year!) for two in Michigan colors and the other in ocean blues with dolphins...these vertical strippie quilts came to mind.

This first quilt was to represent colors in Michigan but it morphed into a Michigan Fall quilt complete with leaves.

This second quilt was to represent 'Florida' and the ocean with blues, light green, turquoise, dolphins and seashells. Figure the seashells will be a good backing.

My DD held the 'flimsies' the best she could as she was standing on the couch in the basement living room.

so...dear SIL what do you think?


Sue R said...

Good grief, Pat, I can't believe how fast you cranked these two quilts out. They're both lovely, but I'm really nuts over the blue one! Great job!

Pam said...

Love the leaves!

Julie said...

I love them both - sent the message to my sis and I will let you know! Looks like you are having fun bloggin!!

Susan said...

Hi Pat! Thanks for visiting my little corner of cyberspace. I love these strippie quilts, I believe I could even manage that! Stay warm! ~susan in Georgia

mamaspark said...

I love these 2 quilts!! The colors are amazing!!