Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stash Report Week #6

My progress for last week was as follows:

What was used:
  • pieced NICU #3 and #4 approx. 3 yards stash
  • pieced 2 backs and found 2 fabrics ok for NICU backs approx. 5 yards stash
  • pieced bindings for all 4 NICU quilts approx. 1 yard stash
What was received in:
  • backing fabric 4 yards
  • background fabric 2 yards
  • 2 novelty FQ's 1/2 yard

Total for this past week: 9 yards used and 6.5 yards in. Cool...I thought I might go positive there with more in than out. I'm a happy camper!

I was able to accomplish all my goals last week...I finished up the 4 little quilts for the hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They were fun cuz I tried a couple of new techniques yet didn't commit to a big quilt.

And the best news for last! I pieced a total of 16 (yes, 16!) log cabin blocks. my goal was 6 and boy, I was on a roll. Here is the stack and for fun, placed on the design wall (sorry for the wonky picture)

Goals for next week:
  • piece more log cabin blocks (I need 36 total)
  • shop the stash and cut for Greg's graduation quilt
  • shop the stash and cut for Julie's nieces' quilt
  • wash and piece back for QOV quilt
I'm keeping my goals a little light this week as I have brownie scout stuff to do and my portion of a guild meeting to get ready for. Last year, Julie asked if I could make a few quilts for her nieces. One was to be a 'Florida' quilt with blues, torquoise, greens, dolphins and seashells. Check out this strippy quilt on Bonnie's have to scroll down a bit. Talk about made to! Is that perfect or what? This is also a year of many graduations. Greg (my nephew) graduated from Western Michigan University in December 2007. So at Christmas, I asked if he would like a quilt as a belated gift. He said, "Yes" and picked this quilt out of this book to be done in blacks and golds (school colors)

I also have two nieces and one nephew (one more college and two high shool) that will be graduating in June 2008. I know, I have my quilty work already piled up 'til summer :)


Vicky said...

You've had a fantastic week, both stash busting and sewing! Can't wait to see all the quilts you've previewed for us!

Sue R said...

You did get a lot done this week, Pat. Unlike me, who got very little done! Is this the brown and beige quilt you were mentioning? It looks just great!

Randi said...

You did have a great week. And what a great use of fabric, for the NICU quilts! Love the log cabin blocks.