Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank You JudyL!

Thank You JudyL for being my motivator this week!

After starting the dinner, making my call...

I headed out on my errands and here is my haul. Wal*Mart had the Wisconsin Badger fabrics that I'm going to include with Mamaspark's package of green squares. I got my meds and a quick trip to the grocery store to 'shore up' for the weekend. Think I'm good until next week. Unfortunately the LQS didn't have the Mary Ellen's Spray Press I like to use so it will mean a return trip when it comes in from order...maybe that's a good thing! I did resist the temptation to buy fabric cuz it's pretty...maybe next time I'll have a project in mind :)

After a little lunch, I think I'll have time to put together Mamaspark's package and get it to the post office before the school bus. That will mean I am free to sew tomorrow! Yeah!

Thanks JudyL for helping get everything done this week with a day to spare!


Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

I've been wanting to try the Mary Ellen's Spray Press but haven't gotten around to ordering any yet.

mamaspark said...

ohhh, wiggle, wiggle...a package for me...YIPPEE!! I am soooo excited. I spent all night cutting blue and green squares tonight. I stopped a few minutes ago so I can watch Stargate Atlantis and visit with DD2 as she is home for a night. THANKS!!!