Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Summer Finish

My 'Red Hat' quilt tote is another summer finish and all from stash! Well...I did need to buy the dowel handles and DH cut them to size. Thanks DH :) I decided in the spirit of the Fungly Challenge around blogland, I would pull out my 'Red Hat' coins and make a quilted tote. The pattern is Quilt Carrier from Nancy J. Martin's Quilters on the Go. I had brought a copy of the Quilt Carrier pattern while in Michigan during the July visit.
After quilting, here is the front.

Sorry for the blurry pictures but the camera battery was dying and I didn't realize it.

Here is the back.

After cutting and piecing, here is side 1.

Here is side 2 (notice my model Daisy didn't even move at all!).

And one of the best things about this 'Red Hat' tote is now I have any empty bin just waiting for the next project to fill it!

I wonder what the next project should be?!


mamaspark said...

Are you going to keep it? It turned out really nice. How did you like that pattern?

Judy S. said...

Good job, Pat! How long will your empty bin stay MT?

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Good job using up some scrap coins. If you don't want to keep the tote I'm sure someone in blogland would take it off your hands lol! Looking forward to seeing what your next project will be. cheers, QGB

eileen said...

Pat, this is really beautiful! Good job adding one more to the Stash Challenge. I'm marking it down. :-)

Silverthimble said...

The tote looks great, Pat! I bet you are proud of the empty box!

Fiesta said...

The colors on that quilt are calling my name. Beautiful!