Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1st View

Taking Sweet P.'s lead, here is the August 1, 2008 view from my kitchen door wall, looking out into the backyard. It's been a while since we had rain and the grass is starting to stress. One causality of the spring time flooding rains is the little tree on the other side of the pond. It leaves have turned burn and it appears to have died having the roots under water for so long. On a happier note, DH's flowers are growing quite nicely. Turns out that HE has the green thumb in the family :)

We did go to the mall yesterday. DD and I went to her favorite store where she was able to make a new friend Butterscotch. She had a birthday coupon and a gift card from Christmas so her total cost at Build-a-Bear was just under $7.00!

Butterscotch is on the left and her new friend, Vanilla is on the right. Butterscotch has a patchwork heart but she was too shy to have a picture of her heart taken!

Not too much quilt-y things happening here. I did manage to load the Pink and Blue Boo quilt onto Valerie. I have yet to start the quilting though.

DD and I went to JAF today, brought some ribbon, buttons and an extra large yo-yo maker (with the coupon).

It is hot and humid here for the folks in Wisconsin today. The temperature is about 88 F and 50% works up a little sweat when outdoors today :)

Check out this Give-Away by Lila Tueller Designs. You could win a cool purse or some funky patterns and you have until August 15th to enter!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Isn't it great to watch your kids save up for something special that they really enjoy? My Little Boy saves the recycling money for Thomas Trains - oh the agony of picking out just 1 when we finally get to the store with a collection of envelopes of change!

I have a feeling that Vanilla is going to love her new home with Butterscotch!

Greenmare said...

congratulations on the new bear in the family. ;-) Aren't those yo yo makers awesome?? I have the big one, and I want to get one of the smaller ones now. but like you, I want it on sale!~ ;-)

Judy S. said...

Oh, I love to see photos of my home state! Hot and humid, eh? Would you believe that our furnace is running? And we're supposed to go to a BBQ this afternoon. BRRRR!

Don't you just love those JAF coupons? I surely do!

Enjoy your day.