Monday, August 25, 2008

My Weekend in Michigan

The Birthday Girl liked her quilt!

Her test was to see if she could hide under it and be completely was big enough to succeed! As a matter of fact, her older sister liked it so much that she asked for a quilt for her birthday on January 4th! and get this, her new favorite color is ORANGE! looks like I'll be stepping out of the comfort zone once again :) Her older brother was telling me how comfy the rag quilt is and I told him that I wanted to make a floral rag quilt and yes, you guessed it! He said he would LOVE a floral rag quilt for his birthday on December 13th! I ought to make it and mail it to him and 'see' just how much he likes flowers :)

My Mom, DD and I stopped at JAF and I brought a few oranges as I know that is one color not in excess in the stash!

I also took my Mom and DD on what I thought was a wild goose chase looking for Jennifer's Quilt Shop in Pickney, Michigan. I had just given up, when I turned down a street I thought was the main drag out of town and what was there? Jennifer's Quilt Shop in this cute little building.

I found the perfect cow fabric, a charm table runner pattern and a package of cathedral windows notecards and a very cute bag to tote it all in. I was really happy that I found the shop :)

Thanks for all the sweet comments on the Tinkerbell purse and accessories and the trip to Michigan. When I find some more time, I'll stop by the blogs and catch up on my e-mails.
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Jacquie said...

So nice that she liked the quilt. Sounds like you are going to be one busy quilter.

Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Pat. It looks like you've been busy and are going to be even busier. Do have the direct link to that cute purse pattern? I've searched her site but can't seem to find it. It's so cute, and I'd love to make it.

Linda_J said...

Welcome home, Pat!

Orange, huh? What colors did she want to go with it---green will look like a carrot and black like Halloween? Navy blue would be the Chicago Bears, LOL.

Glad the birthday girl loved her BOO quilt. Looks like you will get to test that pattern out once again!

FabricMom said...

Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and squishy inside when they like what you give them. What are you going to do with the cow fabric?

Beth said...

I got a good giggle at the orange quilt request. I too got a request for orange :::gag::: Well, it turned out to be a great color study. I put it in our local guild show and it was well recieved! Here is a link to a picture of it on my blog. Its a double 4 patch.

I tried to get the right post, but it would not let me. Its dated oct 15 (or 16th) 2006

Stephanie D. said...

I had to return the visit and such eye candy! Love the birthday girl's quilt and the Tinkerbell items.

I'm not much for cows, but I do like that tablerunner pattern, and the notecards are so cute.

Orange, hun? Maybe lime green and yellows? Of course, you'd have to wear shades while you worked on it.