Sunday, August 31, 2008


Update #1: JudyL's Labor Day Challenge

Here are 16 of the 20 blocks complete. I didn't have enough of the animal focus fabric to have a 5x6 block layout so 4x5 block layout it is. I was going to use this polka dot fabric as the border with a few of the animals as cornerstones...but now I'm thinking that I need a black calming inner border and some of the framing fabric as cornerstones? I.m trying harder to be free-er and wonky-er with this project :) This quilt should measure about 45 x 54 when complete. A good size for my good friend Paula's ASAP (Aid to School Age Parents) Quilt Drive. She is collecting quilts to be given to ASAP for Christmas for children birth to 2 years old. I first read about it on JoAnne's blog, this post. The ASAP Christmas party is usually held the last week of November.

Update #2: the Washer

Seems I broke posts that are in the long plastic piece that holds the shaft and knob in place.

  • Solution #1: buy a new washer ($$$)
  • Solution number #2: buy a new plastic panel (approximately $125.00) and most likely will break it again.
  • Solution #3: Cobble it together with duck tape (new roll $4.00)

I voted to cobble it together while we decided what plan of action to take.

More News:

Remember this post of Pam's?

It seems we have our very own yellow jacket infestation here in SE Wisconsin. Both DH and I feel bad killing off the bees, after all there is a world wide declining population of bees! But, we don't want them living on our deck, beneath our pot next to the slider door!

sorry for the fuzzy picture of the hive...I'm allergic....enough said!

More News:

DS decided he was done with the hot pink paint in his room. Made the decision to paint over this weekend. So DH and DS went off to the Hardware Store and got some paint, cream and a kinda mossy green. While DS is at work today, two painters have been busy :)

Me? See those 14 blocks I got done? I was in the sewing room :)


Silverthimble said...

If you were sewing, who was doing the painting, Pat? :)

Pat said...

Why, DH and DD were painting today and tomorrow it will be DH and DS :)

Judy S. said...

Great delegating, Pat! To me a black border would be too stark a contrast for your fun quilt, but I kind of agree that the dots are a bit much. Do you have anything a bit tamer that could pick up one of the colors from the blocks? I do like those dots though and think I used them on one of my Russia quilts last year. Or how about a thin dark border before the dot border....Play around with it and have fun. It's going to be cute!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

How about a narrow border of a darker shade of one of the colours you used for the blocks? I think there should be something between the blocks and the outer border. Good luck! QGB