Thursday, April 9, 2009

FAB Challenge #2 Reveal

Many thanks to Norma, who was my Swap Partner for this FAB Challenge #2! This is a totally awesome 4 Patch Posey, pattern by HD Designs! I've been *thinking about* making this design and now I own one! and see how creatively she used the Challenge Fabric! Thanks Norma! This quilt is awesome!

Many thanks also to my friend, Maureen! She was so very patient with me as I bounced idea after idea after idea off of her! Thanks for being such a great friend Maureen. Visit her quilting blog here! She makes the most beautiful quilts and loves to paper piece! The idea we finally settled on is a derivative of this Seasonal Row by Row Quilt by Sandy Brawner. My bee in Texas actually did this quilt as a Row by Row exchange but that's a whole 'nother story for another time. Suffice it to say that my row was the boats before! :)

This little wall hanging went to Pam of My Creative Mind.

This is suppose to represent
'Summer' and since Pam lives in the Pacific Northwest and often visits the beach...these are a few 'things' I thought she might see on a summer day at the beach. Hope you like it Pam!

The five Friendship Stars represent the five FAB's (pretty sappy, eh?)

The sun is paper of my first attempts at paper piecing...just don't look too close at it! LOL I found the rising sun shape here.

The wonky butterflies (5, again :)) were from a blog on the Liberated Quilters Ring. If these wonky butterflies are your design or you know who designed them...please leave me a comment as I would love to link back to the designer! I just sorta winged it once I studied her butterflies. I also tried to embellish the butterflies with antenii.

The sailboats are from the Row by Row.

The fish hanging out in the water are from the pattern Gone Fishing, found here.

I tried reversing the Challenge Fabric to make the butterfly wings but decided that I didn't like the look. So, I made it into the label! I didn't take a picture of the back but the fabric has all sorts of flip-flops on it~a summer staple in Pam's wardrobe, if I remember correctly! :)

Take a minute and visit the other FAB's who swapped and *see* all the different ways the Challenge Fabric was used!

Cher, Linda, Norma and Pam.

Wonderful work Ladies! :) Stayed tuned for our next Challenge...someone is brewing it up! :)

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Linda_J said...

Norma did a fantastic job with the 4 patch posey she made just for you! The large floral sure made up into some gorgeous blocks as a foil with the bright tropical camo.

But you outdid yourself with your clever quilt for Pam! You can even cross a few items off your bucket list in making this. Your choices are all so fitting--5 stars, 5 butterflies 5 boats with some of that purple from the first round even! How cool to be able to bounce ideas with your friend Maureen since the other FABS were sworn to secrecy on this one---not much help, in other words.

Thanks for sharing the fabric with us so we could run with it, Pat! What fun we had teasing each other with hints and making the perfect quilt for our swap partner! I best get to posting since you linked to it---and it isn't there yet.

Pam said...

My new quilt is hanging in the kitchen in "that" spot and yes it fits perfectly!

Thank you so much...challenge fabric is so bright and happy and totally fit the theme we were working with. Summer in Winter! Just the right way to be reminded of what we truly love about summer. Flip Flops! whoo hoo...Ed picked up on that right away LOL the people in my life know me so well ;-). I am thrilled to pieces ( ;-) ) that you choose to use paper piecing in this quilt. Paper piecing is one of my most fav techniques. 5-5-5 Friendship Stars for the FABs, fish for all my Koi, butterflies for all the butterflies that frequent our yard...and the sun...

You done good girl! There is no way anyone can enter my kitchen and NOT smile! Thank you so much!


Fabric Mom said...

You are a lucky girl. that is beautiful quilt. I love the one you made for Pam. I am drawn to anything with a beach or ocean theme. I grew up in Florida and sure do miss the beach. Northwest Alabama just doesn't compare.

mamaspark said...

That Stacked Posie quilt is so cool. You are very lucky. Do you remember the quilt I made for my sister? It was a purple and white Irish Chain? I used the stacked posie pattern to make the chain pieces. They were pretty small (the 4 patch finished at 3") but I loved the look once it was done.

Cher said...

you did awesome Pat...each fab challenge was so terrific-I can't say which was my favorite!

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