Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stash Busting Report Week #17

Note to self: Don't take children to the Quilt Store...they always find something to buy!

My report follows:

Fabric added this week: +22 yards
Fabric added this year: +53 yards

Fabric used this week: -13 yards
Fabric used this year: - 89 yards

Net Fabric for the year: -36 yards

What I accomplished this week:
  • finished quilting Navajo Log Cabin
  • bound and labeled Navajo Log Cabin
  • started piecing Trip Around the World

Goals for next week:

  • finish piecing TAW to a flimsy
  • start quilting TAW


Infinity Quilter said...

Ouch, but I bet you had fun didn't you!!! Was it really only the kids who wanted fabric?

You had a great bust though to help make up for the fabric bought.

Lori in South Dakota said...

It felt GOOD didn't it??!! Your numbers are still great and you've gotten a lot done.

Mary-Kay said...

You certainly have been busy. Your numbers a doing great.And I agree with you about taking children into the quilt store but for me it's my sister. If we are browsing and I see something I like she says buy it and I do. Lesson learned, don't take her in to the quilt store.

Stephanie D. said...

Great numbers! If the kids want fabric, though, shouldn't that count against them, not you? lol

Cher said...

Pat, you are really getting stuff done! your tatw is coming along-interesting pattern-I want to hear what you think after you are done.
You are still using more than you are buying- a good thing!