Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip Around The World Update

I'm following Beverly Ingram's Magic Trip Around The World pattern where you make 9 patches then you twist and sew to get the Trip Around The World pattern to emerge.

Here are my strip sets.

I cut the strip sets and arrange the sub-strips this way.

60 Block A's made!

I cut the second set of strips and arranged them this way.

60 Block B's made!

Here is the lower left quadrant on the design flannel.
I had pieced the upper left and lower right sections when I realized that I need to add more rows to the top and bottom. I was wondering why my pile of 9 patches wasn't decreasing very fast! :)

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Linda_J said...

What a clever way to make this quilt! I was looking at some quilt books last evening and this looks like it would be way easier than the more traditional method though I think I understand how you approach it after studying the pics.

Does she list other sizes in the pattern?

Silverthimble said...

Wow! There is no stopping you, Pat!

This is sure an interesting way to approach TAW. I have never seen it done this way.

Lori in South Dakota said...

you are making a quilt by countries and continents! I like this method, looks a lot easier! Great color selection too.

Infinity Quilter said...

That is a neat way to do it. One day I will make mine.

Becky said...

Great color choices! Have a great evening!