Saturday, May 9, 2009

Magic Trip Around the World

I finished the hand sewing the binding last night. Late.

Here is TAW on the guest bed. I turned off the flash so the colors would be truer but then the picture is a little fuzzy. :)

This is the sassy back. I wanted to use my map fabric and thought a big yellow frame would bring it up to size. I used four different yellows and due to a calculation error, I needed to add a strip along the side and bottom. You can see a little bit of the light green showing in the lower left corner. Luckily, the bottom green worked as a 'grabber' on the apron. Why green? Why not...seriously, it is light and the thread blends and I had enough yardage so there was very little piecing. :)

I envision someday, DD will be giving trunk show lectures with my quilts and her theme will be: 'WHY DID SHE DO THAT?!' or maybe 'IT IS WHAT IT IS!'. Just about sums it up. :)
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Chris said...

What a wonderful quilt. I love the back too.

Karen said...

The back is just as nice as the front!

Linda_J said...

Hey, I like that pieced back! If you had not done it like that, then you could not have used that cool map fabric that went so well with the "Trip around the World" theme you had going on. I rather think our quilting foremothers would be rather proud of you for making do with what you had and stashbusting.

Looks wonderful on the bed!

Petey said...

Your quilt is lovely and the back is perfect! How do you get so much done?