Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trip Around the World is a Flimsy!

I set aside some time this morning to work on the borders for the Magic Trip Around the World. I needed to sew the top and bottom inner border then the outer border. I realized when I went to pin the borders on that I had transversed the sizes...I made what I thought were the sides to fit the top/bottom and what I thought were the top/bottom fit the sides... I guess that is why I usually pick non-directional prints! but hey, IIWII! and I will probably the only one who ever notices!

Here is as much as the Flimsy as I could get into the picture!

Here is the rose print border. The blue really seems to 'rule' the quilt top. I was hoping the green inner border might just calm the whole thing a tad. In any event, it will look pretty on the guest bed!

Right now, the binding fabric is in the dryer along with the backing fabric. Next I will need to piece the back.

I forgot to share a picture out the kitchen slider door yesterday, May 1st. So here is today's view. DH was able to mow today~the first of the season. Looks and feels like spring has arrived in my corner of blogland! Miss Daisy Dog decided to saunter past just as I snapped the picture. She loves being outside with DH and walks around with her tennis ball in her mouth~hoping that someone will throw it!
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Maureen said...


Your trip around the world is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see it quilted. You have just been a total busy bee! I have the fabric for a trip around the world all picked out and I want to make the BQ for our trailer with route 66 fabric. But, I haven't gotten to either!

Keep up the wonderful work! You are a great inspiration. Maureen

Fabric Mom said...

Your TATW is gorgeous. One day i will make one. I am jealous of the time you get to sew. LOL. Some day I will get to too. Until then I can admire your beauties.

Erin said...

Your trip around the world is stunning! I love the colour choices :)

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