Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring 2010 *To Sew* List

There are a few carry-overs from Winter 2010 and a few new items to sew. Some are easy and fast, others will take longer to finish. In no particular order~here is my list~

Spring 2010 *To Sew* List
  • messenger bag
  • DS's MSU
  • rainy day wall
  • cancer recovery totes and comfort pillows
  • spring purse
  • summer purse
  • 2 wonder wallets
  • DD's poodle
  • Ben Franklin Challenge
  • Lake Country Ugly Fabric Challenge
  • flower pillowcase~family room
  • rwb Bento Box
  • glad Grad
  • piano
  • baby Lego League
  • apron

ummm...that ought to keep me busy~hopefully I won't find myself on any sewing tangents this quarter! :)


Anonymous said...

wow. let us know when you come up for!


Sweet P said...

That's quite a list! I'm afraid to post my list. It changes daily.

Stephanie D said...

And that's only spring?! It looks more like my 5-year plan!