Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Day... is the last day to join the Linky Party over at Katie's Swim, Bike Quilt 100 Quilts for Kids Challenge.

I pieced this quilt over the summer.  Another 2 yard fabric buy from the big box store that I cut down for the middle section. Even simpler borders brings the deer print to size in a hurry.

With this quilt, I reached my personal goal of 4 quilts to donate to Margaret's Hope Chest.  Sometimes, even the simplest quilts will work.  I'm hoping that a young male teen will like this quilt and choose it for his forever home.  I know, my DS ~ who is 22 and doesn't hunt ~ kept commenting that he really liked the deer print and the bear print quilts.


pattern source:  unknown

panto source:  Inkblot (although the thread blends well with the mossy green colors in this quilt)


Nancy said...

Both quilts will be chosen and loved by a teenager.

Mama Spark said...

NICE Pat. I did a MSU and U of M for MHC. I also sent them a One Block Wonder quilt. YEAH us!!