Friday, March 21, 2008

A Finish and A Beginning

I put the final stitch in the binding yesterday for the Black and Gold Graduation quilt aka 'Putzy'. Of course, I had to have it done for Show and Tell at guild! One last picture...taken by the jar of jelly beans since Easter is so close.

I sewed my favorite label on. The corner job...just waiting for the pigma pen and words of inspiration. I saw this label style on a blog last summer (sorry...I don't remember who or where.)
And now for the new beginning...I have a new friend in my house. Her name is Val (well at least I think she's a she!) She arrived on Wednesday and hence the reasoning for the Quick Strippies so I could practice on the 'real McCoy'.
I was feeling a little guilty for buying Val but then I took a trip down memory lane and realized I never said, "No" to anything that DH wanted to buy for a hobby.
Please join me for this quick down memory lane!
First is the 1988 Honda GL 1500 Gold Wing. This pony is still in our stable today some 20 years later. Only 5 more years and it will be a classic!
Circa 1995 (or close to it) brought a couple of SeaDoos into the picture. My in-laws had brought a cottage on a lake and we used to visit every weekend. So it was only natural that we had rides on the lake too. The SeaDoos were sold to a family friend that had just brought their cottage (on a different lake) and we moved to Texas in 2003. (uh-oh...can't find a was pre digital and I can't find the scanned pix)

In 2004, we added two Honda dirt bikes to our stable. These are currently in storage at my in-laws cottage in Michigan for the winter season.
and finally our latest addition as DS turns 17... a 1979 Chevy Corvette...what more could a teenage boy want!

and of course, a picture out my kitchen window about 9:30 Easter snowstorm for us in SE Wisconsin.
EDIT: DS helped me find the SeaDoo pix...lucky for me that he is computer literate!


Karen said...

You are one lucky woman. I would just be happy if I could master free motion quilting on my home sewing machine!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh boy, are you going to have fun!! Good luck quilting--just remember to "breath".

FabricMom said...

Oh don't feel guilty. Your hobby is great and you will get a lot of use out of it. Love the corvette too. My dad used to have a 68' that was a dark hunter green. I loved that car.

Linda_J said...

I would say that it is only fair that Val come to live with you, Pat. Your first efforts look wonderful!

You know, that corner thing is what I have been putting on the M2M quilts too, Pat. Normally our quilts go to WTIL and they have their own label but when this project came up, I had to come up with something else. I saw it in a quilting magazine a few months back but which one I don't recall--one of those mail in hints. I only get two quilt mags so it probably wouldn't take too long to guess which one.

More snow?? And here it is at least spring by the calendar! Shouldnt be surprised though since it is the Midwest. I have pictures of us scooping up snow off the driveway in early April (in central IL)

Sue R said...

She's beautiful, Pat! Why is it we women always feel guilty when we take care of ourselves? I'm working hard at overcoming that! You'll have so much fun! I never thought of doing a corner label like that. I really like that and think I'll try that myself.

Pam said...

Yes, I would say it is high time Val joined your home! Look at all the gas those other items are using and Val will only need a bit of oil from time to time!

Congrats on the new family addition!