Monday, March 24, 2008

Labeled, Wrapped and Ready To Truck

I was able to print off the labels for 'Leaves' and 'Florida' on Easter Sunday. I made the labels today and sewed them to the back of the quilts. Inspiration came and I wrote the 'Graduation' message to my nephew.

I wrapped the quilts in washed new pillowcases and packaged them up.

One box is 'trucking' to Colorado and the other to Michigan. All three quilts will soon be with their 'Forever' owners. I hope these quilts will bring comfort and warmth to everyone who receives their *hugs*.


mamaspark said...

Was one of these the MSU quilt? If so I demand to see a photo of the finished product. What color did you use for the binding???

JoAnne said...

Doesn't it feel good to finish stuff? I'm working on a batik quilt and have three pieced borders to add later today. I'm looking forward to that finished feeling.

Karen said...

Oh what a great feeling that must be. Congrats on your accomplishments! I am sure the recipients will love them.

Linda_J said...

WTG, Pat! Good to be done but I bet you will miss them a bit too once they leave your house.

LOL, I always feel like I am forgetting something when I go to mail off a box. Silly, huh?