Monday, March 10, 2008


Blueberry Lane Designs is giving away two out of print pincushion books by Lynette Anderson! All you need to do to be entered is to post a picture of your pincushions and then leave a comment on their great is that? Here are my favorite pincushions. The purple tomatoe is my 'on-the-go' and binding one. It lives in my sewing bag and travels wherever my sewing takes me. My chicken and tread catcher stay next to my machine for the pins that I'm removing as I sew. My dress form has to be my fav! I use it when I pin my borders on my tops. I like that it is a little taller than the others and I've been know to tape a 'face' on the 'neck' for my own brand of 'quilting voodoo' crazy is that?! DS says that I definately have 'issues' but as you can see that there is currently no one that I am 'hexing' :)


Pam said...

Everyone has a chicken pin cushion but me...LOL. I have printed the pattern, pulled the fabrics a dozen times over the years to make myself one but never get around to it!

That dress form is great! voodoo, huh? wow...I bet your kids hate it when they think all is well only to find their picture on it LOL


mamaspark said...

I have NO pincushions! Can I use the cats??

Bad said...

holy crap...I'm gonna have to go into the sewing room and make sure my face isn't on that pincushion! from: the husband

Finn said...

Hi Pat....what fun! I'll have to link over and see what is what. I think we might have have a secret pincushion fetish...LOL I've never thought about putting a face on a pin cushion, but I'm tempted. I can think of a few people I'd like to stick pins into! Hugs, Finn