Sunday, March 9, 2008

Stash Busting Report Week #10

JudyL was discussing when do you count the fabric out of your stash.

I suppose I need to pick a 'method' then stick to it, eh? I think once I've cut for a top, the fabric is pretty much committed to being in that top. I don't usually cut fabric then put it back on the self...well...maybe...but not too often. I think once I have the top pieced, I'll count the fabric as out of my stash :)

My report for this week:

  • fabric received in: 5 yards
  • fabric used: 16.5 yards
  • total fabric year to date: -19 yards (used)

What I accomplished this week:

  • finished Putzy to a flimsy
  • pieced Putzy's back
  • pieced Putzy's binding
  • pieced a spring-y tote

Goals for next week:

  • finish cutting and start sewing Rachel's MSU quilt top
  • make 40 day guild participation prizes

Wow! Putzy (the black and gold quilt) was a real stash eater. I had to add up the yardages called for in the pattern twice to believe it...she was 15 yards worth!

I decided to treat myself to a 'me' sewing project since I finished Putzy and her back and made this spring-y type tote that I will use as a purse. I'm hoping to leave the snowflakes behind and see some flowers popping up soon...very soon *s* DD had brought home some of her art work so I decided to include it in the photo op. The tote pattern is from Atkinson Design's Happy Hour Booklet. I've made this pattern twice and each tote turned out a little different :) must be my sewing...

I'm conducting a survey for my day guild and want to make a little something to give out. I've already brought some seeds and was thinking about a fabric postcard. Would you like to receive a fabric postcard as a give-away? and would you want it to be 'a St. Patrick's Day' theme or a 'Friendship' theme? I'm going simple and fuse fabric on the front and back then zig-zag around the edges...

EDIT: I forgot about the 5 yards Mamaspark sent me of Sparty fabric...yikes...How could I? (12:52 pm)


Pam said...

Your bags are really the fab combinations. Having a few bags around to match my mood is a nice quick change when needed.

Postcards would be fun, friendship would be my choice. Go for it, anything handmade and done well is a nice surprise.


Vicky said...

The bags are adorable! And I vote for St. Patty's Day since I'm half Irish! LOL Good stashbusting report!

Sue R said...

Your totes really look terrific! You can never have too many totes. Great job on busting stash--15 yards. I bought that much this week, so I'm not making any headway! Postcards are big, I'm voting for St.Patrick's Day too!

Morah said...

Cute bags! Also great stashbusting.

mamaspark said...

Yes, how dare you forget Sparty, LOL!!