Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What type of iron do you have?

Su Bee at Pieces of Time is considering buying a new iron. She was wondering what type of iron we all have and to give a summary of it's good and bad points. This is a Rowenta Powerglide 2. I't my second one...it's okay. It is heavy so it does most of the work when pressing seams and has an auto shut-off (which I like since I never remember to turn off the iron until I'm about 5 miles down the road and think 'Did I turn it off?') I don't remember how long I have it but it is starting to loose some of its heating power...just doesn't seem to get as hot as before. I haven't put water in it so I don't know if it spits when steaming. I like to use Mary Ellen's Best Spray Starch Alternative when I'm pressing before cutting. If I remember correctly, Rowenta's can be a bit on the pricey side. I most likely used a coupon to buy this one :) When it dies, I don't think I would buy another Rowenta iron but hey, this is just my opinion. What's your opinion?

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Su Bee said...

I agree -- I have the Rowenta Professional Press and it's having the same heat issues; just not hot enough - thus, my quest. It doesn't have auto-off feature (YEA!), so I leave mine plugged into a power bar that has the ironing board light in it too, so if the light is on, the iron is on,, and I flick one switch to turn them both off.
Great fun blog, BTW! Thanks for visiting!