Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sweet P at Coffee Time Quilt Studio had suggested taking a photo out your kitchen window on the first of each month as a way to keep track of the seasons. Here is my backyard photo for today. The ponds have leveled off and the 'river' has dried but more rain is predicted for overnight and into tomorrow.

DD gave me some bulbs last October for my birthday and lookie here, the daffodils are sprouting up and beginning to flower. I guess I can grow some things :)

While we were waiting on DD's bus and DS to get home from school I was tossing the tennis ball to Daisy Dog. Can't you just hear her say, "Take the stupid picture already and throw the ball!"?

Since you made it this far in my post, here is the quilty picture. A girl-y 4patch. I finished the quilting yesterday and applied the binding entirely by machine (my Brother). This is a somewhat new technique for me that I am playing around will be good on the donation quilts that get washed frequently.

Hope You Had a Nice MAY DAY!


Karen said...

Love Daisy Dog, she's a cutie. I bet she is loving this warmer weather. Our dog likes to "sunbathe" on our deck. Good job on the 4 patch. Nice colors.

Sue R said...

I can't believe how fast you're pumping out those little quilts, and your quilting on this one looks pretty darn good! Boy, what a difference a month makes in the scenery, right? It's finally greening up here too.

Sweet P said...

Thanks for the reminder! I totally spaced it - I forgot to take photos yesterday so I grabbed my camera and took some photos.

Your yard is looking much greener than mine!