Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stash Busting Week #20

Okay, 'Uncle' I say! I've just about given up on having a zero in my yards added per week. Think I'll be grateful when more yardage is used than what arrives in the sewing room. This week's report follows:
  • fabric received in: + 8 yards
  • fabric used: -15 yards
  • net fabric for the week: -7 yards

Net fabric year to date: -25 yards

What I accomplished this week

  • quilted and bound floral Disappearing 9 Patch
  • finished piecing and quilted blue and yellow Strip Twist

Goals for this week

  • sew binding onto blue and yellow Strip Twist
  • quilt and bind green and white Pineapple Blossom
  • piece another floral Disappearing 9 Patch to a flimsy
  • make label for day guild's Quilt of Valor

Let's hope I can get it all accomplished! This is definately 'crunch time' for me. I tend to have alot of deadlines as I give a lap quilt (45 x 60) to the teachers in DD's life. This year we have...1 regular teacher, 2 bus drivers, 2 Brownie leaders and 1 piano teacher! Guess who is getting the Elvis quilt from a few posts ago...hehehe! I also have 3 graduation quilts. Well 4, if you count the black and gold already gifted to my nephew for his college graduation last semester! The graduations yet to come are 1 college and 2 high school. School is also out for the summer in 4 short weeks then my sewing machine and Valerie will be very lonely as I spend more time with the kids and less in the sewing it should be when the kiddos are home :)


Vicky said...

Seven yards busted is a good report! Don't give up yet! Hang in there with me until the bitter end! LOL

Sue R said...

Join the club! I'm afraid I'll be deep, deep in the hole by the end of the year, but I might surprise myself! Good job busting 7 yards. Also on the up side, you're finishing quilts!

Linda_J said...

Girlfriend, you are wearing me out with all the sewing/quilting you need to do sandwiched among the other household things we all have to do. Good thing you got that time in on Saturday now!

If we don't see much of you in coming days, we'll know why!

ReenCiemian said...

Hi Pat!

Reading your blog just makes me miss my sewing room - of course I've been able to add fabric while on the road, just not use any of it.

Hope all is well with you and the family. Check out our blog sometime! If you don't have the link, just drop me a note.

Miss you! Maureen