Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tagged! I've been tagged by Lori at Dakota City Quilter for the FLUFF FIVE. we go:

Five Things Found in your PURSE/BAG
  • wallet
  • cell phone
  • surprise birthday party invitation
  • JoAnn Fabrics flyer/coupon
  • nametag (usually forget it on guild meetings so now I always have it!)

Five Favorite Things in my BEDROOM

  • cross stitch picture made by DH's Grandma about 20 years ago
  • baby doll from my sister
  • basket cradle for doll that I made about 15 years ago
  • green ceramic pitcher made by my Mom
  • electric heating mattress pad...LOVE a warm bed :)

Five Things I've Always Wanted To Do

  • travel to Hawaii
  • travel to Alaska
  • drive a Porsche
  • plant a garden (it's a Wisconsin thing)
  • own a horse (but I'm a city girl through and through :) )

Five Things That I'm Currently Into

  • quilting
  • blogging
  • IM-ing (thanks FAB's for helping me :) )
  • making lists
  • Red Wings Hockey

Wow...I made it! If you would like to play along, consider yourself tagged. Leave a comment and I'll hop on over to your blog and check out your FLUFF FIVE :)

1 comment:

Linda_J said...

Hey, it is fun IM'ing! Aren't you glad we talked you into it, LOL? I should have commented about the lovely quilting on your girlie quilt. Getting more comfortable with the Gammil?