Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What I've Been Up To...

I've been sneaking moments here and there all weekend long to sew and this morning I was able to piece the border onto the next floral Disappearing 9 Patch. Since I was sewing, I also made the binding for this one. Next up, after the clean-up, load and quilt.

After a quick run to the post office and lunch, it was time to tackle the sewing room. Everything that goes in just seems to pile higher and deeper (maybe I could get a pHD in messiness :)).

I sorted through some papers and filed them even some guild meeting minutes from March!

Dug out a place for the Janome Gem. I was working on the coiled basket for DD for Easter (like in March) when the zig zag started to zag when it should zig...and abandoned it. Took the time to make a few adjustments and so far so good...knock on wood! I share an old banquet table with DD as she likes to be in the sewing room when I'm there. Sometimes she does crafts or colors or reads.

I have been taking my quilts to a long armer here for about 18 months and everytime I received back a quilt, I would just cut the excess batting (8 to 10 inches) and just pile it up.

Today I actually cut it into squares to be made into rag quilts.

What a difference a few hours of sorting and putting things away makes! Hope I can keep it neat and organized! DS did comment on how he didn't realize that I had so much counter space in the sewing room! I really would rather have been sewing but it's a good thing company is arriving this weekend because, I do admit, a clean-up was long overdue :)


Pam said...

Isn't it amazing how inspired we are to actually work when our work space is neat and tidy? I have to straighten MCM up every week...and on the day I get it in order I always seem to get the most done!


Jacquie said...

Good for you! Mine could use a bit of sprucing too.

mamaspark said...

Great job! C'mon over when you are in MI and work on mine!! Seriously, let me know if you will be here this summer and we can get together!

Sweet P said...

Your room looks wonderful. I spent time straightening up my room and then promptly messed it up again while working on a new project.

Becky said...

Your sewing area looks wonderful. I attacked my sewing room in April. I've worked to keep it tidy. It helps tremendously in my attitude. I don't mind going into my room any more. It's rather peaceful:)

Linda_J said...

Woohoo! It looks so much better in your workspace! Just getting the piles tended to can make so much difference, right? It is hard when you can't find space to sew and be productive but easy to stack and toss when you are.

I try to keep mine reasonable straightened up and deal with it after each project completion--like a fresh start. Mostly the mess is stacking up mail and papers stuffed in my desk drawer to deal with.

I am about there now as I just have top and bottom borders to do on the tshirt quilt---oh, and recut binding since I am using something else for backing now.