Thursday, June 19, 2008

Becky at The Quilting Booklady is having a Birthday Give Away. Her birthday is Monday June 23rd. To enter, you need to post your favorite book, tell why you like it and if you made a quilt from this book...include a picture.

Well, I thought about this and I have lots and lots of books yet no certain book came to mind. So I e-mailed Becky and asked if I could bend her rules a tad. Her vote was "YES!" blog about the authors you like and here I go...

One of my favorite authors of quilt patterns is Bonnie of Quiltville. She is so very generous with her time and talent and ideas. I have made many of her patterns, both to give as charity and as gifts. Thanks Bonnie!

I made about 4 of this star strippie. Donated 3 to the old school, 2nd grade class and 1 to the Women's Shelter.

I also 'played with' the vertical setting. very cool looking.

I made this Bright Bricks and Stones for me! It is my cuddle quilt in our family room!

I made this Blue/Gold/Yellow Strip Twist for one of the Graduates.

I made this Pineapple Blossom in Green and White for another one of the Grads.

I made some Maverick Stars.

This is my take on Bonnie's I SPY A FOUR PATCH. I must have made 4 or 5 of this style quilt and I still have a bin full of 6.5 inch novelty squares waiting patiently for their turn in a quilt top. I have sent quite a few(like 4 or 5...right Pam?) to Pam's M2M project.

Another one of my favorite authors is Mary from Making Scrap Quilts from Stash and Mary works tirelessly for the HeartStrings Quilt Project and shares many inspiring quilts. Thanks Mary for sharing all you do with us all!

My most recent finish is her Double 4 Patch Easy Version for yet another Grad in the family.

I have made string quilts. The purple went to a family in crisis here at home.

This Black and White went to Pam's M2M.

I have made many of Mary's Quickie Strippie.

I was just commenting to SueR at North Winds Quilting that I feel that I have abused this pattern. It is such a joy to make, works wonderful with kid friendly prints and is great practise on Valerie. The first two strippies were preValerie and here are a few post Valerie.

Well I don't think I have a picture of kitty biker strippie complete.


The most recent strippie.

Some of the quilts here are recently made but some are also vintage...made awhile ago. I hope you can understand why Bonnie and Mary are my favorite quilt pattern authors!


Sweet P said...

Wow! That's a lot of quilts you've made. I agree with you, Bonnie and Mary are great and are great sources of inspiration.

Sue R said...

That's a very nice little retrospective of your recent work. You really have accomplished a lot. The 4 patch grad quilt and the pineapple blossom are my favorites.

ReenCiemian said...

I can't believe how many quilts you have made since you left us here in Texas! Maybe there is something about the air there. You are definitely a quilting "maniac". I need to get back into my sewing room right now. Maureen

Mary said...

Thanks! I'm glad you've found some simple, fun quilts at my site that appeal to you.

Those Quick Strippies are adicting aren't they?? Since I finished up my Lizards I need to think about making another one.

Margo said...

I live the pineapple and the last one that is blue with the dolphins...stripy....very are a busy lady...

Becky said...

What a wonderful tribute to two very giving ladies in the quilting community! Loved looking at all your quilts. Thanks for sharing!