Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Whirlwind Weekend

Friday morning, we left home and after 7 hours in the minivan...we reached our destination!

The traditional dinner at The South Lyon Hotel. This time we had 15 members of my family present to eat.

Saturday was the graduation party! Here is the happy high school graduate...

...and here is the happy college graduate.

I had one more graduation quilt to give, but I only saw her on Friday night. I was going to give her gift on Saturday at the party but she didn't make the trek across town for the party. I left the last one with my Mom to give at her party in July (which we won't be attending...sad to say there will be no picture).

Sunday, we visited the cemetery where my Dad is buried.

On Monday, we dropped DD off with her grandparents for a 10 day stay and DH, DS and I headed home.

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mamaspark said...

Looks like the quilts were a hit! Hope you will be back sometime this summer so we can meet up!! Can't let Jeanne and I have all the fun, now can you??

FabricMom said...

Sounds like you had a great time. They look very happy with their quilts. Great job.

Mary said...

Just found your blog thru The Quilting Book Lady. We too had two graduations (hubby's nieces) and a wedding all in one month! WEW! Although ours was close to home! Thank God! Your quilts you made I am sure will be cherished! Hugs, Mary

Raj said...

nice name for the garden.....lol