Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stash Busting Report Week #24

Okay, here we go with this week's report:
  • fabric received in: 3 yards
  • fabric used: -5 yards
  • net fabric for the week: -2 yards

Net fabric for the year: -36.5 yards

What I accomplished this week:

  • made 40 guild give-aways
  • pieced, quilted and bound Dolphin Strippie
  • pieced blocks for next graduation gift quilt
  • sewed label onto my group's QOV

Goals for next week:

  • finish the graduation gift quilt!
  • deliver the QOV quilt to the guild member who is in charge of our project

We will be going to Michigan on Friday...the graduation party is on Saturday. Why? oh, why? do I never seem to leave enough time to get things done?

And because everyone like a little eye candy, here is my group's finished QOV. Thanks to Irene and Debbie who were my team members and thanks to Donna who volunteered her long arm machine quilting time and thread! You ladies ROCK! :)


Finn said...

Hi Pat, the QOV quilt is just beautiful as is your iris them the best!!!
Hope the trip to MI goes smoothly, come back safe and sound. Hugs, Finn
P.S. good job on the stash busting!

mamaspark said...

Ohhhhh, you're coming here, you're coming here!!! Don't forget to call me when you get a chance!!

Sue R said...

Hi Pat, catching up on reading your blog this evening. The QOV looks just great, as does the dolphin strippie. Your quilting looks so nice. Have you collected alot of pantographs? I have become quite enamored of these strippie quilts. Did you ever try a vertical one? I am equally fascinated with your rag quilts, love the texture and I want to try one of these some time.