Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Uncle M's T-Shirts

While living in North Dallas, Texas, Uncle M. (DH's twin) started to ride his bicycle in races. M. collected a few t-shirts and since I am the only quilter he knows, he asked if I would make him a t-shirt quilt. Here are the t-shirts he has collected over his years in North Dallas plus a hanky from a race (instead of a t-shirt and no, he didn't give me the hanky yet). There are 15 shirts plus a few have writings on the back...mostly sponsor information. Most of the t-shirts have never been worn and are at least an XL with a few 2XL's tossed in for good measure. His 'rider request' has gone into the queue for making this quilt. Good thing M doesn't have a deadline for me as I have never made a t-shirt quilt before :) and I think I will be on a steep learning curve. LindaJ posted a tutorial about a cool 3D looking T-Shirt quilt she just finished piecing.


Karen said...

The only tidbit of advice I can give you...and mind you, this is only word of to use interfacing on the back of the t-shirt blocks and to prewash the interfacing.

Silverthimble said...

T-shirt quilts are great memory quilts! My first T-shirt quilt took me a little while to finish as I was figuring everything out as I went along. Now they don't take long at all. Just one tip--make sure the t-shirts are freshly laundered--soap only--no dryer sheets. The anti-stick property of the dryer sheet will keep the fusible webbing from sticking to the back of the t-shirts when you go to stabilize them. I was worried about quilting through some of those thicker decals on some of the t-shirts nowadays. I didn't need to worry about that--my machine goes through that stuff with no problem--I just slow right down when I go over that stuff. Good luck!