Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Just a word of caution...not a lot of quilt-y content, just my life happenings right now...

The beaded keychains are almost done for the give-away at the day guild pot luck tomorrow. I'll pick up the potted plants for table decorations and year end gifts tonight as I have the blackest thumb known to mankind. I am always amazed when others blog about their success with plant life. Personally, I look at it, it wilts...I touch it (or water it), it dies. Wish me luck that I don't kill the gerber daisies while they are in my possession for 12 hours :)

Since I have to be at the meeting site early, I decided to make Grandma Parks' Mystery Muffins. They really taste like a chocolate goo-ey brownie. Perfect for stay at room temp while I decorate before the meeting. I really like to take something hot like cocktail meatballs in a crock pot but wasn't sure of the logistics of it Grandma Parks' Mystery Muffins to the rescue. Thanks for sharing the recipe Grandma.

On the quilt-y front, Sweet P at Coffee Time Quilt Studio is hosting an interesting give-away. Post a picture of an unusual container in your sewing room and it's contents then comment back to her and you are entered! The prize? An interesting container and some quilt-y things. oh and you can enter as many times as you wish between now and her 300th post. I think she is at 295 or so.
My interesting container today...a cigar box.

...and it holds bobbins from Valerie....empty, full and partially used and a screwdriver.

Well, I fell off the Stashbusting Bandwagon today at the local discount fabric store. The damage was 3 yards, not a lot but with no finishes this week, I'll be heading in the wrong direction!

So LJ, do you like what you see? big pink florals, golden yellow and sage green? Does any of it go with purple? Will it be used in the Great Wacky FAB Challenge? or am I just teasing the FAB's and have totally different ideas in my head floating around?'s a secret! :)

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