Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stash Busting Report Week #33

Another easy week to report:
  • fabric received in: 0.5 yards
  • fabric used: - 6.5 yards (used)
  • net fabric for the week: -6.0 yards (used)

Net fabric year to date: -67.0 yards (used)

What I accomplished this week:

  • completely finished Kitty Framed!

Goals for next week:

  • make purse and accessories for DD
  • piece 'Red Hat' Chinese Coins to a flimsy

DD liked LindaJ's and my purse and accessories so much that she asked if I would make a set for her! My only stipulation was that the fabric had to come from the closet! I know, I'm a meanie! but I need to use that stash :)

This will be a short week for me as the family is heading back to Michigan on Wednesday August 20th. DS and Grandpa are participating in the Old 27 Car Cruise for a few days in Grandpa's 1962 Thunderbird. Grandpa has been busy polishing and waxing the car to show condition. The good news is that we will be able to attend Clare's Birthday party and see her reaction when she opens her gift!

This is the best picture I could find of the T-bird which was taken in the summer of 2007. I'll have to ask DS to take a better picture this week during the car cruise. Should be a fun driving the US 27 with all the vintage vehicles!
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Cher said...

enjoy your trip and try not to let the traffic drive you crazy! good stash busting!

Linda_J said...

Now Michelle will be stylin' too! You had told me that she wanted one similar to mine and she was trying it out for size.

Remember to breathe and not clutch that steering wheel too tight since it looks like DH will not be making this trip too.

Linda_J said...

and oh yeah, get some side shots of this gorgeous vintage car! I love t-birds--does this one have the porthole window?

Lori in South Dakota said...

Way to go Pat!!!

Randi said...

You are doing so good on your busting!