Friday, November 21, 2008

Therapeutic Sewing

When I'm looking for some therapeutic sewing, I make 4 patches. So 4 patches were on order for today in the sewing room.

First I made a small pile of yellow/purple. One of my favorite color combinations.

I paired them with a Betty Boop in Las Vagas focus fabric and casino tokens as the remaining border. Pattern here. I had to adjust the pattern slightly as all I had of the Betty Boop focus fabric was a 40 x 44 piece. This combination just wasn't working for me (sorry for the blurry Betty's).

Then I made a small pile of black/white 4 patches. Did I tell you that I love to make 4 patches?!

When I paired these 4 patches, I think the whole top looks better. (More blurry Betty's, sorry) I think I'm leaning towards using the black/white combination. To me, it just seems to make the quilt *pop*. Just to be safe, I thought I would ask the design team for what do you think looks better? (if you ignore the blurry Betty's and just look at the color combinations)


Infinity Quilter said...

I vote for the black and white! Hope you're staying warm!!!

Judy S. said...

Black and white by far!

Linda said...

Pat I think the black and white are the way to go. I am glad I was directed to your blog, this is almost like having you here in Texas.

Linda_J said...

You know, as much as I too love the purple-yellow combo, I gotta agree with the others. Black and white--especially when you open up the picture.

From a distance on the thumbnail the boops just look a bit muddy and then you wonder why the purple-yellow combo?

I bet you can use those squares on another novelty and they will work out just fine. Nothing really goes to waste.

I suggested your checkerboard quilt to the WTIL list as a possible quilt to try as a group. Quick and easy plus pattern is online.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Black & white - the classic combo for dice and Betty is in Las Vegas afterall! Goes with the red/white dice in the focus fabric. Looks great.