Thursday, February 12, 2009

FAB Challenge #2 Reveal Update

As you might have noticed (or maybe not!), the FAB's have postponed the 'Reveal' date for Challenge #2. Norma of Silver Thimble Quilting was on holiday with her parents. Check out her posts as she traveled from the cold winter of Canada to the sunny winter of Arizona and her many interesting stops along the way. While Norma was on holiday, Cher of Marathon Quilter, a fellow FAB member had an unfortunate fall. Poor Cher has broken her pinky finger and is in a cast (that is purple and quite far as a cast goes!). So as a group, we voted to postpone the 'Reveal' until Cher is out of her cast and has a chance to heal properly. Stay tuned and I'll be sure to update you guys when a new 'Reveal' date is set for the Wacky FAB Challenge #2! :)

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Judy S. said...

You've been a busy one this week, Pat! I like the way the t-shirt quilt is progressing. Happy Valentine's Day!