Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Errand Day Tuesday

Monday was a sick day for DD and a trip to the Dr.
Diagnosis: garden variety cold with dry cough. Cool.
If head congestion doesn't clear up in 10 days...return to Dr. Cool.

That made today my errand day.

First stop: Packaged up the QOV quilts and pillowcases for Alycia. Had to smile when I saw what moving box I had picked up...that's right....Fabric from the sewing room! and this time there are quilts in it! :)

Second stop: Baby's Doctor. The 'Doctor' wasn't in but the 'nurse' took a look at her and asked the Mommy some questions. Okay, color me stupid, come to find out when I re-assemble the bobbin area after cleaning...I put it together in the wrong order and thus, throwing off the precision Baby needs to sew correctly. Ummm....that lesson would have been helpful 2 years ago! But the best part! The 'nurse' was free! I can hardly wait for tomorrow when Baby and I will be able to sew and *see* if that was the only adjustment she needed.

Third stop: I lost a whole box of vacuum cleaner bags so I headed way North to get some, like a 45 minute drive. Glad it was sunny and dry. Close to the vacuum cleaner shop is a Hobby Lobby! Happy to report that no fabric followed me home. :)
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Linda C said...

I am glad that the sewing machine problem was easily fixed. And you know what? I had the same thing happen with my Brother last week when sewing the hot iron cover---needle bit lost down in the bobbin casing. I put that thing in 3 times before I finally got it to seat correctly to sew.

Happened again today and I may well have a whole needle somewhere down in the innards but it is sewing correctly. We found a loose one on the floor which may or may not have slipped out when I up ended the thing. This time I got the bobbin in right the first time though.

Hope you and DD are feeling better today.

Lori in South Dakota said...

the box is a HOOT!!!