Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bella to the Rescue

After the pink bobbin thread ran out (which was like two rounds), I took the bowl off of Bella and did some piecing.

To warm up, I made this fabric postcard just like Mary's. I even used the same crystals which I didn't realize until I just looked up her post. I forgot Bella only has three sizes of the zigzag stitch...micro, big and even bigger. I selected 'big' and went around the perimeter twice. I was planning on sending this card to a boy in Jefferson, Wisconsin that has cancer and is collecting postcards. Unfortunately, I have misplaced his information. If anyone knows the link or his address, will you please e-mail me so that I may mail this postcard to add to his collection? Thanks in advance for your help. I did try to Google it but I came up empty, perhaps I was using the wrong wording?

Then Bella and I pieced this blue backing for the r/w/b rail fence. I am a little concerned as it seems to be a stretchy almost seersucker material with a blue metallic thread running through it. I was so excited to find it on the clearance rack that I guess I just got it without *really* looking at it. Cross my fingers that it works okay! As you can see, it is already loaded. I only need to wind some bobbins for Valerie and oil her up and will be ready to give my new panto Inkblot a whirl.
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Cher said...

good luck! the top looks great...

Linda C said...

Interesting project you have undertaken--shake things up a bit, right?

Can't help you with the link you are looking for the postcards but no doubt someone will be able to come up with it.